Is Corona the only health issue during this lockdown?

The COVID epidemic has bestowed upon some of us to be confined to our homes and enjoy the company of our loved ones. The working-class individuals are enjoying the benefits of just getting up from bed, switching on their laptops, and getting through their work sitting in a place. Although this sounds comfortable, it has led us to be less active physically. People are tending to eat readily available snacks which temporarily satisfies your hunger and one will tend to eat more after a few hours.
Snacking and lack of physical activity is one of the reasons why people are getting heavier on the weighing scale. The epidemic has caused an increase in the number of obesity cases which in turn increases the risk of people suffering from obesity-related disorders like High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, etc. This will take a toll on our immune system and one will be more susceptible to infectious diseases. 
Here are some of the simple steps to get through the lockdown by being fit and healthy:

  • Stop munching on those fried snacks: Yes! You are in your comfort zone at home and fried munchies compliment your mood the best but not your health. Switch to healthier options like baked food, fruits, and salads to satisfy your crave of binge eating.

  • Train the brain: Yes, we can train our brain just like we train our dogs. Have a scheduled meal timing and try to stick to the same timing every day. It might take some time for your brain to get a hang of this habit but you will definitely get a hang of it once the habit kicks in.

  • Get yourself a hobby: Research tells us that we tend to binge eat when we are bored. There's plenty of time in hand since we are at home and we don’t have to travel to the office. Get yourself hooked up with painting, gardening, DIY crafts, etc,. When you get busy with something you tend to eat less. 

  • Burn some calories: Lockdown has shut a door on all gyms and parks that doesn't mean you have an excuse to be a couch potato. Make sure to exercise daily within your home. Many simple and effective exercise videos are being uploaded by trainers. Even a simple 30 min brisk walk daily can help you stay fit.

  • Do not overwork: It is found that people tend to work beyond normal work hours since we are at home and there are no restrictions. Work only for the stipulated time so that you have leisure time left to exercise and work on your hobbies. As we are at home and no manager who is checking up on us and we don’t have to travel back from the office, we tend to delay our work and get distracted by surfing through Instagram, Facebook, or any other social networking websites. Make sure you maintain the office schedule by having a constant log in and log off time.

Lack of physical activity, increased snacking, dragging work hours, and not getting enough sleep during this lockdown has caused mayhem of our health. Now is the right time to convert these synonyms of bad heath to its antonyms. Don’t let this lockdown be an excuse for you gaining unwanted weight.  

Eat mindfully, get your creative side on, follow a schedule, burn some calories, and last but not the least drink loads of H2O.


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