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New changes we might see in event industry post this global pandemic. When the lockdown is lifted, how does the event industry respond to changes?

The global Covid-19 virus pandemic has forever changed the industry of healthcare conferences and exhibitions. Indeed it can be argued that the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus have influenced almost all the industries, the exhibitions and events industry  is one of them. Virtually all conferences, trade shows and exhibits have been cancelled or postponed without any real trust that any potential date will be feasible by 2020. One of the other upcoming problems is that reorganizing an event is complicated if we don't have a timeline to focus on. Some newspaper reports have indicated that the Coronavirus might re-surface next winter, anxious about committing time and money to re-scheduled events for event organisers. Will we adjust to a modern way of marketing and communication, because the old ways of operating appearing obsolete or will it simply snap back into business as usual? Are virtual interactions the new normal? The events and exhibitions industry is undeniably