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Why do people attend conference? Benefits of attending Conferences

I had a chat with a friend of mine who works in market research many years ago and he turned to me and asked, " Why are people attending conferences ?” For a moment, it made me pause to think. This is the ultimate question as a conference organizer. I was unaware and ignorant of the key answer(s) to this question when I first reached the "conference domain". That said, I am a believer that 10 years later there is no definitive answer that applies to everybody. As a junior conference planner, the fundamental reasons why people attend conferences have not been demonstrated to me explicitly. Over time, I experienced this, seeing the social and educational advantages that conferences offer to participants, speakers and sponsors. No two conferences are the same again, and a conference should not be confused with a trade show or other forms of events. As an organization , this post is to share our personal top reasons as to why people are attending conferences and h